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The Power 
of Good Data

Datagrowth helps companies and organizations to get the most out of their data! We offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help you grow and make better business decisions.



Become a Data-Centric


Data Analytics

Do you want to turn your data into meaningful information? Would you like to learn from the past to help you plan the future? Data Analytics solutions can help your organization take a strategic turn to beat your competitors. We will clean and analyze your data and provide you with insights to increase the overall efficiency of your business. 

Data Visualization

Suitable Data Visualization Technologies can summarize millions of data rows into an impactful graphical representation. Put several graphics together, and you will get a powerful dashboard that will help you and your team manage daily challenges with determination and peace of mind.  Are you ready to listen to the sweet story of your data? 

Data Process Automation

Automated Data Pipeline Development is a crucial step in every data environment.  What a nightmare to have the data but still have to transfer the data flow manually... Does that ring a bell?  Take the right tools, and you will get an automated data extraction, data transformation, and data loading system that will save a lot of time and will provide you with better performance and scalability!


Some of Our Achievements

Performance Dashboard
Performance Dashboard

A dashboard that allows following the performance of a department. The user can play with dynamic filters to modify the considered data. The data is updated every morning via an automated data pipeline.

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Serious Game App
Serious Game App

Serious Game Application to help students improve and test their skills in the R language. The game evolves on six different levels. Each level has its universe and its monster to kill. The student takes the skin of an R warrior. The more he answers correctly, the more life points the monster loses. The particularity of the app: implementation of an SQLite database to store the information of all the players.

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Data Box
Data Box

A shiny application that aims to repertory and sort by theme all the company's dashboards. Features of the app: - App in 3 languages - Password protected - Hosting system: AWS EC2 | Docker-compose | Nginx - SSL/HTTPS protocol

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After two exciting years of freelance activities, Pierrick Kinif decided to move up a gear by creating Datagrowth in 2021. 

Datagrowth is a data engineering consulting firm based in Luxembourg. With customers in 10 countries worldwide, Datagrowth helps companies and organizations to get the most out of their data! We offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help you grow, save time and make better business decisions.

Our technology of choice: the R ecosystem.

Meet the Founder



"I have been working with Datagrowth for almost two years. Datagrowth went beyond expectations in helping us set up multiple R Shiny applications, data processes (APIs), and machine learning models, bringing our company to the forefront of the industry."

David Maupin, Data Lead Team at Champion Xpress, Texas





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